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Organisational Human Factor Benchmark (#OHFB)

Jupidex has recently completed the Organisational Human Factor Benchmark (#OHFB) analysis from Afriforte to understand the needs of our staff in different settings, assist our staff that are at risk (in terms of burnout, stress-related ill health, and general well-being), and to better understand our organisational talent to drive productivity and maximise our ROI.

When compared to the OHFB constructs, Jupidex scored 99% on our High-Performance Culture indicator.

These results are aligned to the King IV & ISO 30408 standards, grounded in scientific methods, supported by psychometric properties and is culturally sensitive; making it valid and reliable.

The reports further display an excellent workplace ‘mood’ improvement in the last year and a half, specifically with regards to organisational and social support dimensions.

We’re proud to share our #OHFB results with you and cannot wait to see what 2023 has in store!