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ROC RS 1000 Merger

“Kverneland’s hay equipment now includes the new ROC Merger, which we are very excited about,” says Arthur. “With alfalfa crops being increasingly produced in South Africa and in Africa, I believe the ROC Merger is the perfect solution for farmers, enabling them to pick up the entire crop from the ground, without nutrient losses or any parts of the crop being left behind,” he adds.
Continuous merger ROC 1000 represents the symbol of a revolutionary raking system. The main difference compared to traditional rakes is represented by the pick-up system: the ROC 1000 lifts the crop in order then to transport it on a conveyor belt, whereas traditional rakes drag the crop on the ground up to the windrow.
For more information on the ROC 1000 merger, and other products introduced at the Kverneland Exclusive Journalist event, find it here.