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Kverneland Group Soest GmbH Private Factory Tour

Soest is a small town north of Frankfurt in Germany. At this factory, the Kverneland group mainly manufactures planters and seed drills.

The Kverneland group has five plants in Germany: Soest, Klepp, Nieuw Vennep, Les Landes, and BCT.

The high standards of mechanisation technology accomplished here are amazing! From the design, which is constantly improved and refined according to farmers’ preferences, to the advanced factory equipment and skilled, dedicated craftsmen, Kverneland is an example of the best materials, the highest manufacturing standards, and the purest precision.

Arthur says: “The factory visit was once again an experience for us, to see how precisely and neatly the tools are manufactured. To look at the scale of the factory and the operations here, as well as the quality, control processes and standards at which these world-class products are being built is something that really stood out to us.