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Silver jubilee: Jupidex celebrates 25 years of service to farmers across Africa

The superb quality and affordability of agricultural equipment for soil preparation, seeding, spreading, hay, forage, spraying and more, has drawn farmers from South Africa, and all over Africa, to Jupidex, a part of the Plennegy Group renowned for top quality products and service.

Founded in 1999, and originally trading as Kverneland South Africa with the head office in Pietermaritzburg, Jupidex supplies world renowned brands to farmers all over Africa. This year marks the silver jubilee of Jupidex.

Michael Yeadon, CEO of the Plennegy Group, says: “One of our proudest moments was when we were approached by Kverneland, the Norwegian company, to purchase their South Africa subsidiary.”

“I believe that we can see this as huge milestone when an international company decided that we were ethical and innovative enough to buy their South Africa subsidiary.” Michael adds: “We are a family-owned company and I believe that this sets us apart, since the people that we serve own family businesses too. On a professional and family level, we all share the same values and interests.

He adds: “Over the years farmers have adapted to the scale of their farming operations as well as the methods and technology used in their operations. More farmers have turned to precision farming, sustainable farming practices, and finding methods on where and how they can save time and costs.” Michael explains that it is important to remain relevant in the industry with precision farming, ensuring that they are able to source the best technology to offer to farmers.

“Jupidex has a very specific vision, and that is that we should be the preferred supplier of affordable, quality equipment in Africa, and our broader Plennegy vision is to feed and service those who feed Africa. The two visions align with each other, and between the two companies we want to ensure that Africa is fed. I know it is a very noble vision and cause, but that is ultimately what we want to do. With our seed package offering with Starke Ayres, and our equipment from Jupidex, we ensure that we feed Africa. As a family business, we have the agility and sustainability to ensure this for the next 25 years!” Michael concludes.

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